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Welding specialist

Specialty Welding

Fusion Specialty Welding

Superior Management with over 100 years of experience. Our commitment to the Oil, Gas, Power and Chemical Industry is unrivaled. 

Fusion's commitment to safety is also next to none with a 0.0 TRIR. We perform all types of specialty welding of exotic metals on projects, fabrications, or turnarounds and outages. 

Fusion Specialty welding can work your projects Lump Sum, T&M or Unit Rate



Why Choose

Fusion Welding?

  • Craftsmen

  • Disciplined recruiting & hiring practices

  • Database over 3,500 graded & assessed craftsmen

  • Mobile Work Force

  • We do job evaluations on all craftsmen post job

  • Intense training requirements annualized

  • All craftsmen will go     above & beyond


Specialized Services

(Double Time Group)

  • Furnace fired heaters

  • Piping & Fabrication

  • HRSG Systems

  • Skid Fabrication

  • Heaters

  • Reformers

  • Boilers

  • Convection Boxes

  • Turnarounds

  • Shop Fabrication



Over 30,000 Sq/Ft of shop under roof.

We can operate equipment and perform rigging to place heavy equipment along with packing bearings, align gears, slightly shafts, attach motors and connect couplings and belts to precise tolerances.

  • Fusions Commitment To You

  • Company Management available 24/7

  • Exemplary Quality & Productivity

  • Unrivaled Safety Record

  • Lower Overhead

  • Will go Above & Beyond

  • On Time, Under Budget

  • 0.75 Weldl rejection Project / Staff 0.0

We Believe in Safety for Everyone
EMR - .79  |  TRIR - 0.0

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